Filming locations in Crimea and Sevastopol

About our locations

Living history park «Fedyukhin Heights» is a picturesque landscape park where we’ve built three unique museums dedicated to different epocs. We have an antique Roman firtress of I-III century AD, an medieval peaceful manor of XV century and large-scale positions of the Crimean War. Each location is equiped with props corresponding to the epoc, which are exact copies of real historical objects. Also we’ve built locations to reflect the events of the Second World War with trenches and dugouts.

The area of the Park is 129 hectars. There are breathtaking views of the historic landscape of the surrounding valleys and Crimean mountains and unequipped view locations for the scenery construction.

Advantages of the Park

We offer not only locations rental for filming movies and TV-shows but also props, scenery manufacture and lots of advantages:

  • Private property (ease of ccordination)
  • 24-hours guarded territory (video monitoring — coming soon)
  • Asphalt road and parking for 300 cars
  • Developed infrastructure (electricity, water, WC, warehouses)
  • Cash or cashless payment, with and without VAT
  • Crowd scenes actors (a team of reenactors with filming experience)
  • Props making (we own historical costumes and props, and most importantly we have extensive experience in making decorations and props)
  • Technical staff, assistance in ensuring the filming process and preparing the sites
  • Ability to work with pyrotechnics



The Park is located near Sevastopol and Balaclava on the historical place — Fedyukhin Heights, surrounded with Crimean mountains, fields, vineyards, with Blaсk Sea and Black river in several kilometres.

1,5 km to the Yalta Highway

15 km (30 minutes) to the center of Sevastopol

To the Black Sea: 7 km (15 minutes) to Balaclava seafront, 70 km (90 minutes) to Yalta

5,5 km (10 minutes) to the nearest hotel

3 km (6 minutes) to the nearest gas station

84 km (70 minutes) to the Airport


Picturesque views

федюхины высоты
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park infrastructure

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Asphalt road from the Yalta highway to the Park

Equipped parking for 300 cars

Water and electricity

Park roads

WC, garbage disposal (shower — coming soon)

Guarded area




antique roman fortress

Roman fortress Castrum of I-III centuries AD is a large-scale copy of Roman fortresses which were formerly built all around Europe.

It’s size is 50×60 metres. It has earth ramparts, stone walls,  watchtowers, iron-studded gate, paved road.

It is an ideal location for filming films and special projects about the history of Antiquity, Ancient Rome, gladiators.

Props: antique carts, legionary tents, praetoriums, legionnaires’ weapons and armor, gladiator arena, gladiator costumes and armor, amphorae, antique wine press, altar, furniture.

Римская крепость
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medieval manor

Genoese manor of XV century Loco Cimbali is a reconstruction of an agricultural peaceful settlement of Italians of the XIII-XVth centuries. The buildings of the manor can be filmed to reflect of different times and people from XIII to XIX centuries (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Crimean Khanate, etc.).

Objects: tavern, refectory, master’s bedroom, servants’ rooms with fireplaces, workshops, forge, cobbled courtyard, wrought-iron gates, well, garden, battle arena for knights.

Props: Italian costumes of XV century, medieval furniture and dishes, equipment and tools of artisan workshops, equipment for cooking in tavern, fireplace sets, candle workshop, textile.

генуэзская усадьба 15 века Локо Чимбали
хозяйка локо чимбали
утро в средневековой усадьбе
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positions of the crimean war of 1854-1855

Our museum complex dedicated to The Seige of Sevastopol 1854-1855 годов is the largest reconstruction of the Crimean War battlefield. It’s a large-scale recreated replica of fortifications deployed at Sevastopol in the middle of the XIX century: the right flank of Malakhov Hill with Russian batteries, British and French artillery batteries.

Equipment: fortifications of Russians and Allies, dugouts and powder magazines, British barracks and tents, battlefield with breathtaking view.

Props: working copies of Rissian, French and British sea and field cannons, mortars and guns of XIX century, costumes of Rissian, French and British armies, household accessories of Russians and allies (fire sets, samovars, dishes, furniture, etc.).

Крымская война - вид с воздуха
Крымская война - вид на русские батареи
Крымская война - русские пушки
Крымская война - русская офицерская землянка
Крымская война - французская батарея
Крымская война - английская мортирная батарея
Крымская война - английский барак
Крымская война - французские палатки
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positions of the second world war

Fedyukhin Heights were one of the key battlefields of the Second World War, the place of lots of bloody battles during the siege and liberation of Sevastopol.

We have provided three locations which are dedicated to reflect the events of WWII:

1. The Battlefield to carry out large-scale reenactments during festivals with hundreds of reenactors for thousands of viewers.

2. Exposition site with Russian trenches and dugouts which were specially created for TV series «The Saboteur/Diversant».

3. Exposition site with real German trenches of WWII rebuilt.

Props for rent: restored Soviet equipment ZIS-5, Gaz-67, museum exhibit German anti-tank gun Pak-38, American cars Dodge and Willys MB, German motorcycle BMW, 45-mm anti-tank Soviet guns.

Pyrotechnics, anti-tank obstacles.

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croud scenes actors and experts

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We are in contact with a lot of of reenactors and professionals, whose knowledge and skills are necessary for filming historical movies and TV projects.

A team of reenactors with extensive filming experience.

Crowd scenes actors with their own costumes for different epocs.

Professional stuntmen.

Professional pyrotechnics.

Historical consultants.

Props masters, costumiers, makeup artists.

movies and tv projects filmed in the park

A documentary film about the Crimean War by Russia Today TV channel (for the project «Crimea-Sevastopol-2020» for the Foundation for the Development of Russian-French Historical Initiatives)

TV series «Saboteur-3: Crimea»

TV-show «Surprise Me» by TV channel My Planet

A documentary film «The Worls War Zero» by Star Media

Documentary-fiction film «The Great Battles of Russia»

services and organization


Historical locations rental
Historical costumes and props for rent
Guarded warehouses
Own manufacture, props production
Scenery building assistance
Historical consultants
Crowd scenes actors
Professional pyrotechnic services

Additional services

Accommodation assistance
Construction machinery rental
Rental of retro cars of WWII


Living history park “Fedyukhin Heights”
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